Get Your Car Drive-In Ready


Summer is a great time to head to the movies and what could be more American than heading to the local drive-in to take in a movie while enjoying a piece of classic Americana? But don’t head to the drive-in unprepared. Follow these quick tips to make the most of your viewing experience.Drive-in prep

1. Check Your Battery – Drive-in theaters these days pipe the audio through your car stereo and you won’t be able to leave your engine running for a two hour plus cinematic experience. Your battery will be doing the heavy lifting during the show, so make sure it is in good shape and holds a full charge so you won’t miss any of the film or fail to start when the show is over. Throw a good set of jumper cables in the trunk just in case.

2. Stereo Upgrade – Every new movie features big sound and you want your stereo system to be up to the task. An upgrade in your stereo head unit (the part in your dash) or a set of higher grade speakers can really amp up the volume and sound quality.

3. Take Windshield Cleaning Supplies – As sure as drive-ins are a summertime treat, bugs are a summer annoyance and you are sure to kill some on your way to the movies. And you know one will hit your windshield right in your line of sight. Take along lint free paper towels and a good aerosol window cleaner to scrub off the bugs and whatever the birds have done to your windshield.

4. Prepare for Refreshment – Make sure you have a cup holder for everyone in your car along with cafeteria style trays for food. Aftermarket consoles for the floor or seat add extra places to put your popcorn, candy and other treats. Old blankets to throw over the seats can save your interior from spills and the inevitable thrown popcorn, and they are nice to have if the weather turns chilly and damp after dark.

5. Headlight Restoration – No, you don’t need your headlights to see a picture at the drive-in, but they sure come in handy to get you home safely. Have a local service center remove clouding or discoloration from aging headlights and check the bulbs to make sure you can see your way safely home.

6. Prepare for a Mess – Take along paper towels, napkins and facial tissues to handle spills, allergies and other messes that can ruin an otherwise glorious night.

7. Pack a First Aid Kit – You just never know what might happen at the drive-in, but you sure know that you will be tightly parked in a dark place with other viewers who want nothing to do with you leaving during the best scene. Pack a first aid kit and any medications you might need to get you safely through the picture.

Catching a drive-in movie is one of the best experiences you can have all summer. Make the most of it by preparing your car for the ultimate movie night and enjoy the film.