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Customer Reviews

      Tito!!! You and your team went above and beyond! Thank you.

    I want to share what an amazing and generous experience I had
    Last Thursday working with Paul and Manuel(and Tito at the referral tire shop down the road- Joe's Tires.)
    I was driving home from UCSF with my partner who just had shoulder surgery and was post-op 2 hours.
    We were driving along the 580/80 just before the Richmond Bridge split, and my brand new Volvo XC60 Hybrid, Pirelli Scorpion low profile tire blew out. There was a bolt in it that dislodged and the tire lost air.
    We safely pulled off the freeway, not knowing the area at all, into a industrial area with few around.
    As we turned the corner, we saw Toyota Berkeley Autobody. In a panic with the patient in the car, I parked and walked in asking for help.
    Paul saw my concern and immediately had me pull in to assess the problem and learned these cars do not have spares because of the battery in the back for hybrid use.
    A flaw about this high end Volvo.
    Paul and Manuel swiftly went into problem solving mode while I called a friend to pick up my patient in the car.
    They took great care of me for the next several hours helping me get to a nearby tire place and put a temp tire on my car. These tires are not in stock anywhere as they are specialized, another issue to take up with Volvo. (I have had 7 Volvo cars and never an issues with tires like this because Of the hybrid.
    Paul a d Tito at Joe's Tires did not charge me for their time or help with any of this. They saw two people in need of help and put us ahead of any financial gain.
    Generous, kind, helpful, willing! We need more of this in the world. Thank you Paul, Manuel, and Tito.
    We are home safe and swiftly because of you 3 kind men

    thumb Heather W.

      I recently got a tire repaired here, and from the beginning to end of the process it was seamless! Gabriella was beyond helpful getting my insurance for the tire worked out, and she was very communicative throughout the entire process. From start to finish my tire repair took about 45 minutes, and I would highly recommend using Joe's for your tire needs!!!

    thumb Charlotte F.

      This was my first time here and it was recommended by the place I get my regular services done (because they don't do tires). They staff were EXTREMELY helpful in finding the tire I needed, pros and cons of the different options and really helped me to find the best option for my budget. I'm a creature of habit so I've definitely found my tire spot 🙂

    thumb Kourtney A.

      Man, calling for tires and getting quotes for tires SUCKS!

    Well, do yourself a favor and call Joe's tires and make the process a lot less sucky. In fact, it was a breeze.

    My most recent tire purchases have been pretty straightforward. I go to Costco, order the tires and it's done without any hassle.

    So this time I cross-referenced reviews with consumer reports. Costco doesn't carry the brand that was recommended, and tires I wanted were for my truck, and a little oversized.

    I like to buy locally, so I "smiled and dialed" (what's dialing??) after reading so many reviews-Joe's Tires.

    I told them what brand and size I wanted, and they gave me a quote. These bad boys weren't cheap, but I didn't want to settle so I special ordered them with a $100 deposit.

    An hour later, I got a call from Tito, confirming everything. What a guy, Tito! Really helpful and informative. He also knocked off $150 from the price I'd already agreed to, saying he appreciated my patience.

    The tires weren't due in for a few days and we set up an appointment, which went off without a hitch. The installer (a black guy I didn't catch his name) was also super friendly, "taking care of my baby". And Jose, the manager also helped with the transaction. Everyone was really amazing. A couple hours later the truck was done, very happy!

    Don't over think this. If you've read this far, stop reading and call them already. Lol

    thumb Chris E.

      I went into Joe's Tires without an appointment on a Sunday morning with a flat tire and a tiny spare on. The courteous man at the front desk helped me right away and my car was done within an hour. I also asked them to check the health of the remaining tires, and after taking a look they confirmed that the remaining tires were only 50% used and I did not need to replace them. They did not take the opportunity to try to upsell me. Added bonus, there are a number of restaurants and shops in walking distance to pass the time.

    thumb Angelique A.

      These folk are awesome! I needed a wheel barrow tire changed, but when I called a bunch of other folk they all suggested Joe's. Dropped it off at 6 pm and it was ready in the morning- with the ball bearings all re-greased and ready to go!

    Super friendly service and willing to tackle unconventional challenges

    thumb Guyton D.

      Tito was super nice &  chill. they ordered the tire for my vw I needed and got it the next day. Would rec.

    thumb Chani B.

      really great shop! the service was highly professional w/fast turnaround to fix my flat this weekend. they were also v. informative + on the level about my car needing eco-friendly tires.

    as an additional bonus, it was wonderful to find out that Joe's is the tire shop that the local official Toyota service center outsources all jobs to...this definitely helped solve the mystery of why I had such a poor experience trying to get a quote to fix this flat @ the toyota service center in albany. related, as I had suspected, Joe's confirmed there was nothing wrong w/my rim which the toyota service center had tried to sell me on to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

    hopefully, I will have no more mishaps in the near future but, if so, I will be gladly bringing my business here esp since they carry tires for toyota hybrids in stock (unlike Costco!)

    thumb Alexandra C.

      100% recommended! Everyone here was so friendly and helpful, although the room here was really limited. You won't go wrong with Joes Tire.

    thumb Xinxun Z.

      My car really needed new tires, and Joe's Tires came in clutch. I researched what tires I needed and wanted that were in my price range. I called them to make an appointment in four days, and they said they could get me the tires I wanted by that time.

    When I arrived, everything was done in a timely manner and was in an out in 10 minutes. I was able to leave my car and drop it off for the whole day, since I worked close. It took about 5 minutes for me to get my keys, sign what I needed to sign, and drive away.

    The rates were reasonable and expected. No issues with this place, and would recommend any of my friends to come here if they need new tires.

    thumb Maxwell M.

      I have been here twice and they never disappointed me! Lately I went there with a flat tire before 8am. The staff had already taken care of me even they opened at 8am. Two tires got to be changed and I had to go to work by 9am. The staff told me it would take about 45 mins to an hour to be done. I told him about my work schedule and he guaranteed me that would work. Within 40 mins, my car was fixed!
    Great, efficient and professional service!

    thumb Phoebe L.

      I came in for tires and was absolutely thrilled with the service and the quality of work. I highly recommend this place t

    thumb SJ N.

      We got a flat tire in Berkeley and hobbled into Joe's Tires on a Saturday morning.  Even without an appointment, they were able to look at our car immediately.  It was determined that we needed a new tire which they didn't have in stock since  it was an uncommon type.  They went out of their way to get one from their warehouse in Richmond and had us on our way within aa couple of hours. They were very helpful and knowledgeable.  Tito was great!

    thumb Frances B.

      I requested a quote from them via Yelp one night after they were closed and to my surprise I got a response right away. I was able to bring my car in for a tire repair the next morning, less than twelve hours later. They patched it up and filled all my other tires too, including the spare in my trunk. The whole thing was quick, inexpensive, and they were extremely pleasant to work with! I'll definitely be coming back.

    thumb Ashley P.

      Very friendly and polite- and surprisingly very reasonably priced! Extraordinary clean for a tire shop!

    thumb Raylan G.

      Always have had good experiences here. Recently got tires for a relatives care done, and they finished them faster than their estimate.

    thumb Chris T.

      The staff at Joe's Tires, especially Tito, were wonderful.  I was able to bring my car in the next morning to patch a tire;  they were quick, professional, and affordable.  Thank you!  I highly recommend them.

    thumb Alexis M.

      I have gone to Joe's Tires for minor tire adjustments, and couldn't be happier. The guys there are GREAT, always helpful with a smile and in timely fashion.

    When I think of local businesses that make a positive difference in my life, Joe's Tires is up there, on the list.

    Thank you one & all. Good holiday wishes!

    thumb MR Q.

      I got exceptional service here at Joe's Tires! I went in for a flat tire and was able to be seen immediately on a Saturday. They also found another nail in another tire! They were able to patch one for about ~$30 and had to get a new tire for the other. It was a bummer but they were able to handle it all for me and get me on the road by the next business day- Monday because they are closed on Sundays. Total was about $250-$280- not bad for patch, new tire, labor. Also the staff was incredibly friendly and understanding that I was upset- not at them but me getting nails in my tires *facepalm*. It was lame but glad Joe's Tires were there to help in a stressful time with the most hospitality!

    thumb Marcie A.

      I got two nails stuck in my tire and my tire pressure alert went up. Got my car fixed up same day for the price promised ($30) and patched up my tire. Highly recommend Tito, super friendly and efficient. Thanks for the good work!

    thumb Katherine M.

      Great local tireshop around Berkeley. I happened to be around the area and unfortunately I got a flat tire. It was 30 minutes before their closing time on a holidays, 12/29, but they were nice and kind enough to take a look at the tire for me. The staff was friendly. After I waited for 20 mins, they told me it was not fixable, so I decided to go ahead and purchase 2 new tires from them, price was okay, would not be the cheapest, but given the service and the quality and the time, I appreciate them for taking care of the service and put me back on the road within 45-60 mins.

    thumb Nikki P.

      I brought in a flat tire to be repaired.  The technician told me that the problem was that the bead needed to be replaced, which he did.  He also tried to remount the fixed tire, but because I had broken the hub centric ring, he mounted the spare.  The technician clearly explained this to me when he took me in the work area to show me the problem.

    I then went to pay, but was told there would be no charge for all the time he spent fixing my tire and mounting the spare.  Amazing.

    The technician and man and woman working the desk couldn't have been nicer.  If I ever need tire work again I will be certain to go back to Joe's because of their courteous and generous treatment.

    thumb flubadub A.

      Super friendly and helpful folks here. I came in stressed out on a Sunday when I was in the middle of moving and these guys made my life so much easier by giving me a courtesy ride to my new home and then picking me up again once my new tire was on. My new tire is on great and the price was awesome. I'll definitely be coming here next time I need anything to do with tires!

    thumb Karla P.

      I went over a curb with my Fiat. The dealer fixed everything and the last was an alignment. I thought I'd save money so made an appointment withJoe's. When I went to pick up the car Jose said two tires couldn't be aligned because there were two parts missing and it would cost me $700 more. I went back to the dealer who
    aligned the tires. Joe's is a RIP off. Senior gray haired ladies and others BEWARE !!

    thumb Maxine C.

      Unfortunately, I ended up with a flat tire about two weekends ago (definitely saw this coming, considering the tread on all four of my tires were worn down). I called Joe's Tires and was quoted $532.99 for "out the door pricing, with EVERYTHING included" for four Falken tires. I was happy with the price, so I scheduled a next-day appointment. The morning of my appointment, I called to inquire about pricing for a different set of tires. Come to find that, while I was told the $532.99 quote was for a comprehensive service, she noted on her end that it was without alignment, which would cost an additional $120. Had this information been disclosed to me during my initial inquiry, I would have continued to shop around and consider other local shops. Being that street cleaning was scheduled for the upcoming Monday, it was important that I towed my car and resolved this before the weekend ended. I spoke to Carlos and expressed my dissatisfaction with the service I received over the phone - I felt as though the person I originally spoke to knew I was working on a tight timeline and took advantage of that fact by being dishonest about pricing. He was willing to remedy the situation by providing excellent customer service. Carlos offered me the alignment for $89 and gave me a $10 discount on each tire to match the pricing of the tire I was calling to inquire about. The total for this service was approximately $570 (including all four tires, a tire disposal fee, alignment, balancing, wheel weights, and a warranty) and it was quick and easy. All tires purchased from Joe's come with a warranty, which is a huge plus! I plan to return as a customer in the future and to recommend this business to my friends and family. Thank you for the excellent customer service Carlos and Joe's Tires!

    thumb Hena K.

      Great honest and nice people.They gave me two options for my tire and even explains why I needed a new one.I really appreciate their honesty

    thumb Mia H.

      I was in need of new tires ASAP and Carlos helped me get what I need within the day with no appointment. The shop was super professional and guided me in what the best deal was!

    thumb Pablo A.

      Top notch service. One of my tires was slowly leaking air. One tire place said he'd fix in 15 min for $20 but was all flummoxed when I asked about a warranty, and put pressure on me saying if I didn't get it fixed right then my tire would immediately be flat and I'd ruin the tire (which I knew was not the case since the tire was very slowly leaking) Instead called Joe's Tires and Jose said bring over right away. Gabriella helped me out. They took out the screw, patched and refilled and filled other tires. Done in less than 20 minutes. I asked about guarantee, Gabriella said if in same place, bring back and we'll fix. I'd definitely come back. Business with long history, integrity, quality friendly service. Cost $32 with tax so more than the fraudster but I am happy to pay the price.

    thumb Patricia L.

      My BMW X3's tire pressure monitor told me my front passenger tire was low on air yesterday, and I could feel the soft tire while driving.  This morning it was completely flat, but with run flat tires (RFT's), was able to drive to a gas station and fill it with 40 lbs. of air.  Went to Joe's Tires and fifteen minutes later, by the time I got there, the pressure monitor said was down to 24 lbs., so I knew it was bad.

    It was.  Carlos there quickly reviewed the car within minutes of me arriving at 8:30 AM.  Said the punctured tire was un-fixable because it was in the shoulder of the tire tread. This is my 3rd X3 and I've been through this before.  I've also had RFT's patched & repaired but not this time unfortunately.

    Measured the depth of the other tires, this is a new 2019 car with just 7,000 miles on it, and said they were over the wear depth where I could just replace the one tire.  I had to get all 4 replaced.  This was not unexpected.  I asked was this because of the RFT tires and he said no, it was a symptom of 4-wheel drive cars.

    Uber'd back to work by 9 AM.  At 1:30 PM - 4 new Bridgestones arrived at Joe's, and by 2:30 PM I Uber'd back and picked the car up, ready to go.  You can't drive a 4-wheel drive car with 3 old tires and one new one, it'll damage the transfer case and transmission because they would be different diameters.  

    Carlos said he had just worked on 2 Subaru's with 2,000 miles on new tires all of which had to be replaced because of the same problem.  I'm questioning the need for AWD in the future, given I don't do any off road or driving that really needs it.

    But liked working with Joe's Tires, everything is quick, reasonably priced, nicely located for me, as happy as I could be under the circumstances.  Good job.

    thumb Alan O.

      Love going here! I have two cars that I take here all the time. I purchase new tires, get an alignment, & an oil change. Everyone here is super friendly, Jose & Carlos always take good care of me. If something isn't right, they recommend whatever it is I need. Been going here for over 5 years & I don't think I'll go anywhere else!

    thumb Sandra S.

      Came here twice for patches. Great price, fast service!          What else can I say?

    thumb Jak G.

      This is my go to place. The people here are extremely helpful & friendly. I always enjoy seeing Tito everytime I come in to get my car fixed.

    thumb Alesia D.

      Aggressive and incompetent.

    I walked in and saw a another customer frustrated and expressing his feeling that he had been ignored and not helped in an effective and respectful way.

    I should have turned around then.

    I told the person at the counter I needed a new patch job on my tire. Repatch the tire, it was patched by a friend in a bind and I want it done professionally. He said it would take 1.5 hours. I left my car and after the amount of time I received a call with an "update" that the mechanic had checked out the patch and that it wasn't leaking.  

    I never said it was leaking. They did nothing in the 1.5 hours I had to be without my car.

    When I went back to get my unserviced vehicle a mechanic gave me a bit of a stare and got into the car next to me. When I tried to pull out of their lot into the road I had to lay on my horn to stop him from backing up into my car. He saw me pulling out and continued to pull out and not stop even when I was honking. I nearly got hit from the front from incoming traffic because I had to keep pulling forward as I was beeping so that he would not hit me.


    thumb Marni L.

      Somehow on my drive up from LA, I completely destroyed the splash guard under my car, and I could hear it scraping along everywhere I drove in Berkeley. At that point, I just wanted the thing removed for fear of leaving it behind on a freeway on the way back to LA. I brought it in here first thing, on a Sunday morning no less, and was in and out in 10 minutes. They didn't even charge me just to rip the thing off and send me on my way. They basically just guaranteed that if I ever have problems in this area again, I'm coming here. Seems like a great spot to be a regular if you live near here--awesome service!

    thumb Goeffry T.

      I've patronized Joe's Tires for the past two years or so. I even previously wrote positive reviews like the owner Jose requested.

    I brought my car in on a Sunday to have the tires I purchased here rotated (free rotations for life of tire). I was told they couldn't get to it for at least an hour but I was in no hurry so I dropped the car and got some lunch.

    I got a call about 70 minutes later saying they couldn't and wouldn't rotate the tires because they're so unevenly worn. I was told that "even though you did the rotation every 5,000 miles, you should have had two alignments done during that period" and that's why the shoulders are wearing more quickly. Okay, so why in all the times that I brought my car in for rotation did no one mention this?

    I had an alignment done when I purchased the tires here originally, but not once since then did anyone mention I needed an alignment, and I certainly never rejected the service. I've only ever had these tires serviced by Joe's Tires.

    Now I'm being told I need 4 new tires, and luck would have it, they're having a "buy 3, get 1" deal at the moment. Why on Earth would I continue to do business here when they clearly dropped the ball? Jose couldn't even be bothered to respond to my email.

    They don't have the best prices, but despite this I was happy to come here to support a small business, but they aren't even! They're actually owned by the stealership, Toyota of Berkeley.

    Save your money and go to Costco, or if you want to support an ACTUAL local business, Don's Tires. I easily saved over $200 on a set of 4 tires by going elsewhere.

    thumb Adam E.

      The Manager Jose is a Jerk, my car got stolen and got dropped off at this tire shop. Police told me to come pick it up, Jose asked me to pay him $1800 to release the car. He wants to rip me off but fortunately police stepped in and demand him to release our car. Jose didn't wanna show me any evidence how they could charge me $1800 to release my car. He was so aggressive and said you wanna play game , I will play with you. Don't come down here if you don't get ripped off.

    thumb Junjian L.

      I wish I could rate this place higher, but based on my experience, 2 is the highest I can justify.

    My car gave tire-pressure-loss warning Friday. I re-pressurized the tire in question and brought the car to Joe's Saturday morning. They kept the car there for 3 hours - when I returned to pick up the car, they told me that they did a thorough check and found nothing wrong with the tire, they said that they even took the tire off the rim to double check. They assured me that I was okay to go.

    I took the car home and left it in garage over the weekend. Come Monday morning, the same tire was totally flat. Long story short, I took it to Don's Tires in Berkeley - sure enough there was a nail in it. I wished Joe's had done their job Saturday morning to save me all the craziness Monday morning struggling with a flat tire while trying to get to work.

    The guys at Joe's were very friendly and helpful - this is why I gave a 2 not 1. People working on tires in a tire shop should be able to find a nail in the tire.

    thumb Chris L.

      We just replaced the tires, breaks and rotors for our family truck and we could not be happier. Tito went above and beyond, and made us feel confident in what they were doing. Thank you!!

    thumb Blanca Z.

      Thanks yelp for helping me find this great place! Had to come in to get a 4 wheel alignment. I was kindly greeted by Jose right when I walked in. I told him my appointment time and reason and everything was quickly processed. He told me it'll take around 30-45 minutes which ended up being longer but not going to complain as there's a lot of cafes nearby where you can stay at (also right next to Trader Joe's). He comprehensively went over what was done and did not try to sell or pressure me to get any additional services which I appreciated. The interior is also very clean and organized, with a small waiting area.

    Overall very satisfied with my experience there and was in and out in less than 90 minutes. Joe's is a professional and customer-oriented place and I would highly recommend them if you need an alignment/tire service. Plus they charge much cheaper than the dealership. Efficient, and no-nonsense service!

    thumb Oliver D.

      I have been a customer about once a year for 3 years now. I have always found the staff friendly, upbeat, and helpful. Today, I stopped by with a question/issue with the tire warning alarm on my car - Jose (manager) addressed the issue by filling up all the tires on the spot. (and I don't know if he recognized me as a former customer or not!)

    I left thinking " that is some good customer service"

    thumb Martin M.