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Customer Reviews

      If you are a female, or you look like a female or you're a transgender woman ect. I would not recommend going here. I've been to many repair shops over the years and this is the only place that I think ripped me off cause they assumed they could take advantage of me since I look young and looking female. The people here were very condescending and sexist toward me. Just be weary of this place or find somewhere else.

    thumb Jules H.

      I appreciated the no pressure approach from Danny and Gabriela. Great customer service. My whole visit there was a refreshing change from the stigma that surrounds auto and tire technicians. Thanks guys I will be coming back.

    thumb Noah Z.

      I brought in a flat tire to be repaired.  The technician told me that the problem was that the bead needed to be replaced, which he did.  He also tried to remount the fixed tire, but because I had broken the hub centric ring, he mounted the spare.  The technician clearly explained this to me when he took me in the work area to show me the problem.

    I then went to pay, but was told there would be no charge for all the time he spent fixing my tire and mounting the spare.  Amazing.

    The technician and man and woman working the desk couldn't have been nicer.  If I ever need tire work again I will be certain to go back to Joe's because of their courteous and generous treatment.

    thumb flubadub A.

      Came in on a busy Saturday afternoon (Labor Day weekend, home Cal football game) with a nail in my tire.  They warmed me it would be a bit of a wait.  But when I arrived I was greeted promptly, headed to Trader Joe's for a quick shop and by the time I came back, it was all done! 30 min and 32$! Thanks!! I'll definitely keep them in mind when I have tire and alignment issues!

    thumb Deirdre M.

      I went into Joe's Tires without an appointment on a Sunday morning with a flat tire and a tiny spare on. The courteous man at the front desk helped me right away and my car was done within an hour. I also asked them to check the health of the remaining tires, and after taking a look they confirmed that the remaining tires were only 50% used and I did not need to replace them. They did not take the opportunity to try to upsell me. Added bonus, there are a number of restaurants and shops in walking distance to pass the time.

    thumb Angelique A.

      They told me a single tire change would take 1 hour, but it ended up taking 5. I called back multiple times to check the status of my vehicle, and each time they said it was almost finished, but that was obviously not the case.

    thumb Josh T.

      My car was drifting to the right. I was able to schedule a same day appointment. It's amazing that they are open 7 days a week, which is rare for auto places. I had to get a new set of tires and they provided me with a pretty great deal on the tires. Plus I get free rotation every 6k miles. Highly recommend!

    thumb Soups R.

      I went in to ask about getting an alignment and the guy at the counter checked with the guy in the shop and said, "Pull it in, we can do it now." It only took a half-hour.

    thumb Anomynous Visitor W.

      Amazing, quick services. if you purchased the warranty for your Toyota vehicle these people can for sure help you out as well! Gabriela is the sweetest person who accommodated my needs through this unexpected,  inconvenient ruptured tire conundrum.

    thumb Angie C.

      Checked and fixed the pressure in my tires after my sensor came on at no charge. The gentleman who helped me was super nice. I'll be back when I need a new tire for sure. A+ experience!

    thumb centipede s.

      Somehow the tires on my car got to be 8 years and way too many miles old. Suspicious cracks appeared on the sidewalls, and it was time.
    Joe's Tires had great reviews and sounded very good on the phone, very competitive prices. Plus a location close to cafes to wait on.
    Everything was smooth and well organized. Easy to drop off the car, excellent price, pleasant to deal with.
    The minor surprise was that their price doesn't include a tire repair warranty, probably why their prices are so low. I decided to take my chances on flat tires in the future. Still an excellent deal and very good experience. I'll be back!

    thumb Dana T.

      I went in to get my battery installed, and a tire at a different time and both times Danny helped me. He was very polite, very professional. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable while waiting he offering me coffee. The work was in a timely manner ( both of them ) And yes I recommend Joe's Tires to others.

    thumb Shelonda E.

      Danny Damrong was super helpful!! He took care of my alignment needs and it was so smooth going from the time I was parking my car, till pick up!!  Took about an hour with my appointment and with the location of Joe's tires I was able to get a haircut and pick up a couple other things right in time before pick up. You also get a printout of before and after specs of how your tires were positioned which Danny explains that I had been dragging along previous to the alignment. Which means now, I'm gonna be rolling along more efficient. Thank you Danny Damrong and Joe's tires for and awesome transaction!!

    thumb Terry N.

      Joe's tires saved the day one again!  My daughter and I hit a pothole in Oakland and damaged 2 of my tires.   I called in to order two tires to be installed for the next morning.  Imani took my order but then got the general manager Jose on  the phone to come confirm the order.  The next day I arrived at Joe's tires,  Told them my dreadful story and immediately they got to work.  They completed the 2 tires in a few hours But as Jose's team did the alignment he found a problem.  There is a part he could order that could resolve the issue but they would need to order it.  That's when I decided to call my insurance company.  I asked them if the incident would be covered under my policy.  They said absolutely! Immediately they took control.   I told Jose that I called my insurance company.  The team including Jose at Joes tires Took care of me the entire time  they even took pictures For the insurance company and sent them to me  While also working directly with the insurance company.  I will always go back for service to Joe's Tires.  You couldn't ask for better 1st class tire service. Thank you again for everything! Joe's tires is amazing.

    thumb East L.

      These guys really went out of their way to help me out of a jam when my tire was punctured by a screw! I have rare 13" tires and they were able to source, locate, deliver and install the tire within 24 hours. Jose especially, really running a tight ship there and always with a smile on his face. Free coffee in the lobby too, can't beat that! Thanks Joe's tires 😀

    thumb Lee R.

      Honest, clean, professional, convenient, and most importantly, great pricing with quality. Gave them a call late afternoon today, without any appointment, Jose answered the phone and told me come on in, they can do it! How great was that! They finished the job with four new tires out the door in no time. This is THE tires shop in the bay area you can really trust. Highly recommended!

    thumb Ryan L.

      I dropped off my Subaru Impreza yesterday (04/18) around 7:45 AM at Joe's tires. I was the only customer at that time. I was told that someone will look at my car immediately and that they will get back to me by 9:30 AM to let me know what is going on with the break pads and if it needs to be changed.  I did not hear back from them and I called them at 10:30 AM for an update. I was told that my car was next in line and I should hear back shortly. After waiting for a few hours, I called again at 1:30 and I got the same response that my car was next in line and I will receive a call back shortly. At this point I was irritated and could clearly sense that they are not being honest with me. The person had some trouble even locating my car before giving the generic response. I just told them not to touch my car, picked up my car within the next hour and took it to a different place to get it serviced. I have serious trust issues with this place and even if I were to return I am not sure that they are capable of providing quality service. It is rather unfortunate that I have to give a bad review to Joe's Tires but I had a terrible experience yesterday with this place and they have lost me as a customer (and possibly many more).

    thumb Jayaganesh S.

      We were in from out of town and needed some help with a rental car. We had no appointment but dropped in and Danny was super helpful. I would recommend this place for all your auto care needs!

    thumb Anne W.

      From the moment I walked in everyone took great care of us! Both Jose and Gabrielle took extra time to explain what was needed on our car even staying late and pulling out old car parts to show me how the suspension components work in my car. We just got back from a road trip with the new suspension system and it felt like we were driving a totally different car. It was amazing! I highly recommend Joe's tires for their friendly, fast, and thorough service!

    thumb Krysta W.

      3000 miles on the new whip and I run over a screw into the sidewall. Dang!

    Joe's is the tire shop for Toyota. Pulled in, installed the spare, ordered a new tire, and it will be ready/mounted tomorrow.

    Thanks, Danny!

    thumb David N.

      Yelpers, you saved me with your reviews! You guys were spot on. My tire pressure light came on, stating that my right front tire was low even after I went to Chevron to fill the tires. I was worried I had a nail and had to get it plugged. First impression of Joe's Tires is that it is very clean and orderly. Danny was very friendly and helpful, stating our options and costs. Turns out my tire pressure for all 4 tires were off and the right tire happened to trigger my tire detention system, so I walked out the door with AMAZING service and it didn't cost a dime!

    thumb Siew Leng P.

      We went in for a tire emergency in a Sunday afternoon. Gabriela was super nice to us. The tech double inspected the tires condition, and made sure everything was rebooted before we left the place and charged ZERO service fee. Definitely we will go back for other services in future. Plus, the place is dog friendly too. Recommend!

    thumb Jacky C.

      I got nail in my tire and they were referred to me by one of my customers. Wow, completely  blowed my mind with the service. I waited one hour - as a walk in - and after $35 my tire was fixed. Its been already 4 months and so far so good. These guys are real GEMS!

    thumb Monika K.

      Great service
    They repaired my punctured tire in 30 minutes
    Clean and fast
    Deserves all positive feedbacks on Yelp!

    thumb Orhan G.

      This is a very professional tire shop. They are extremely reliable and punctual, and take great care in their work. The personnel are friendly and responsive.

    I had a tire change and alignment done. Afterwards, my Saab felt like new.

    Leaving the shop, I forgot to take my groceries that I had got at the Trader Joe's on the corner. When I came back an hour later to pick them up, they had carefully stored the bags behind the counter so that nothing would get nabbed. Thank you!

    thumb Alexander A.

      Last week I had a low tire. I was pressed for time and I remembered the great service I got a few years ago at Joe's Tires in Berkeley.  I pulled in and asked them if they could check for a nail in my tire.  They were busy but understood that I had a long drive ahead of me and no time.  They squeezed me in.  Found the nail, patched the tire and had me on my way within 20 minutes.  I would guess that they can't always accommodate these last minute fixes. But Gabriella saved the day for me.  Thank you.  I am very grateful.

    thumb Christine M.

      Came here before I hit the road to drive to LA because my tire sensor light was on. They checked my tires, made sure the pressure was correct and there were no leaks or nails. They reassured me that it was safe to drive and the issue was with the sensor itself. And they did all this for no charge! Awesome service, thanks so much for helping me out and making sure I had a great trip.

    thumb Marcy C.

      Very fast and friendly service. They were able to take me as a walk in, which was very helpful. Clean inside and somehow doesn't have a strong tire smell, which is nice. Thanks Gabi!

    thumb Krista N.

      Joe's tires was fantastic and affordable. I had to get a new tire, patch up my spare tire, fix my cars alignment and got my rotations done. Danny went out of his way to do this all overnight so that I could get my car back within 24 hours! I am so grateful and will definitely be back! Couldn't recommend this top quality service more. Especially grateful to the kind employees!!

    thumb Alexa B.

      I've had two flat tires in the last 2 months. Each time I tried to get my tire fixed at establishments closer to my home they were "too busy," "didn't have my brand of tire." or simply didn't respond to me at all.  Both times I ended up going far out of my way to Joe's tires and they took care of me right away, were so friendly and extremely professional.  I have a dog walking and pet taxi service.  If I don't have a car I can't work.  Telling my customers at the last minute that I can't take care of their pets while they are at work is not acceptable.  Gabriella and Danny got me out the door both times in less than an hour.  The next time I need help with a tire I won't even try a closer place.  It's better to just go to Joe's where I know the service is reliable and I won't be treated like I'm an imposition as I was at the other service centers.

    thumb Diane W.

      This is the best tire change place. Great guys. Whilst the other guys insisted on purchasing new tire. This guy changed the tires under the tire protection plan without any hassle. I didn't know if they had a shuttle service or not but Jose gave me a ride to my place upon request without hesitation. Seriously the best service. East or West Jose is the best.

    thumb Roop A.

      this place is amazing i want to give a big s/o to jose  and his team maan when i tell you these guys are life savers they are god sent any tires needs im coming here...all i had to do was remove a wheel lock but i couldn't find the key it became a journey and a hassle the work is not even done yet but their customer service is soo great they make you feel like you have know them for years maaan thank you guys and i would recommend them to anyone much love.

    thumb Joseph R.

      After my dealership service team realized that my "low tire pressure" was actually a seriously damaged tire, I was referred to Joe's tires. After a long work day, it was really the last thing I wanted to do, but knew I had to. As soon as I walked in the door, I heard Gaby's cheerful voice helping the customer before me. She immediately put me at ease. You'd have no idea she'd been there all day. Her energy was great. After a quick look at the tire, she determined the damage was serious and we were both glad that I rolled in when I did. The service team promptly replaced the tire and I was on my way home in no time. Service was prompt, professional, and friendly. This is the best experience I've had at any shop. Definitely going back for any tire need!!!

    thumb Fergie L.

      Time is ones biggest asset and Joe's understands that. In and out in less than 30 minutes for a balance and rotation. Not more than two steps in the front doors do I hear my name from across the room, Brook! Gabriella was quick to recognize me and get me rolling. Not only did she process admin quick but also made a connection with me. Talking about my car lead into a conversation about travel and it really enhanced my experience. She provided grade A customer service which will keep me coming back.

    thumb Brook K.

      This was a surprisingly pleasant place to get my car serviced. Everyone I interacted with was helpful and kind. Communication was great, no high-pressure sales, and the work was done extremely quickly. I don't understand how they maintain such a friendly & relaxed attitude while working with such awesome efficiency. I'll just stay in happy wonder at this mystery.

    thumb Oliver K.


    I went back in last week after not being theere for 4 months, and each of them, when they came in, said, "Hello Philippa - where are your chihuahuas?' They did wonderful work - a service plus a new tire for $199 (including tire rotation)

    thumb Philippa K.

      Super friendly and helpful folks here. I came in stressed out on a Sunday when I was in the middle of moving and these guys made my life so much easier by giving me a courtesy ride to my new home and then picking me up again once my new tire was on. My new tire is on great and the price was awesome. I'll definitely be coming here next time I need anything to do with tires!

    thumb Karla P.

      I need to take a moment to give a shout-out to the amazing staff who assisted my sister/family. GABRIELA and JOSH KILLED THE GAME with their professional service! A++ top notch flight security!!!

    Back Story- Recently my sister bought tires for her Honda. Killer deal on the set. Her suspension was shot. I replaced struts and shocks before she got an alignment at Joe's. My sister has extreme anxiety, and when she heard there was something wrong with her baby, she started to fall apart. She did not understand what was wrong with her ride, car mechanics can be intimidating and she began to stress out since I touched her car last. She called my mother to voice frustrations. I received a call from mom to go understand the situation /"handle it". My whole day changed since big brother had to go down to understand what transpired. All I was told was that there was damage to tire and could have been from an improper install of struts and shocks. I have installed a few struts and shocks before with no issues. I was racking my brain what could have gone wrong. Did I mess up and its all my fault?  I know some reputable mechanics who I called to trouble shoot issue from my Enterprise days. You never know with mechanics trying to pull fast ones. Personally, I have never been into Joe's until today. Big bro, me, went in there guns blazing. I had limited information and apparently all the wrong information since my sister's anxiety was through the roof. Josh handled himself quite well with my bluntness. I informed him I was not new to the game and wanted to see the paperwork given to my sister. Gabriela jumped in, the one who assisted my sister, and she explained the issue. Apparently my sister curbed her car really bad and the rim was bent. Also she mentioned that rear camber arm was iffy. Ah Ha, it made sense with the information I was given from my sister( a little selective hearing happened with her high anxiety). After all was said an done, Josh reached across the counter with a firm handshake! Having worked in the rental car game, I am well aware emotions can take over! That handshake sealed the deal for me, professionalism at its finest.  

    I highly recommend Joe's for their products and services! Gabriela and Josh, thank you for being understanding of the situation. Joe's Tires you have valuable employees that have strong interpersonal skills that tamed this big brother!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    thumb Manny B.

      This review is LONG over due. Few months ago it was time for me to get new tires. My mom recommended me to joe's tires and had told me they had reasonable prices. We all know how expensive tires can be haha. First coming in i got a friendly welcoming from GABRIELA who was so kind and was really intuitive to all my concerns and what tires and price line best suited me. When my tires were done i needed to get my shocks and struts replaced due to them being completely shot. My big brother kindly did them for me. After my shocks and struts were finished i was able to come back and get my alignment done. Just a few days ago i came back with concerns of my steering wheel vibrating and my tires feeling weird. I had called in when i was at work and they right on the spot told me to come in and they would check it out. When i arrived Gabriela was working that day. Hey girl!!! Lol and she as always was super kind and listened to what i was going through with my car. As i waited for them to inspect my car and see what the problem was they had a nice lounge are with beverages and coffee including t.v for little entertainment.  After a little time went by Gabriela let me know what the crew had said was going on with the car. Joe's tires was kind enough to fit me in for some work on my car that day and to schedule and appointment  another day for the rest of the work. BIG thank you to the joe's tires team you guys are the best.
    I highly recommend this place. They are super kind and super professional. They will continue to have me as a loyal customer!

    thumb Jennifer B.

      I really recommend this place, the customer service is great and friendly. I thought I had a flat tire and the service tech Danny checked all my tires for free and he found the problem, he said that there was a bad sensor not a flat. I felt that he was very honest and I was happy with the services.

    thumb Oscar V.