Customer Reviews

  Friendly and reliable service. Quickly diagnosed the issue with our tires and gave us options to address.

thumb Peter B.

  Really good service.  Tito advised me on my options for tires in a very trustworthy manner, without making any hard sells.  Also, they said they'll provide free tire rotation after 6 months.

thumb Paul M.

  They were reasonably priced, very pleasant and honest. They could have tricked me into buying a new tire when all it really needed was a patch. When I do need new tires, I will definitely go to this place. Their shop is immaculately clean, and they have a nice waiting area.

thumb Brian R.

  I needed new tires fast – it was an emergency – and they got me in on short notice. Super kind, too. Will come back.

thumb Haley H.

  Came 15 min to 6pm for them to check my tires… the guy said I have another job I can't help you.

Manager said: “tire repair takes an hour”

Horrible service.
Is not even about the closing time, is the employees' attitude.

thumb Yudith V.

  The guy I initially spoke to over the phone in the morning was really nice and patient with all of my questions while I was trying to figure out the best solution for my circumstance (hence 2 stars instead of 1). I tried to give a call back later in the day to make sure there's still availability for the tire I needed, however both times the phone was answered and got hung up right away.

I'm hesitant on ever coming back as a customer, as I understand business can fluctuate a lot throughout the day and I wouldn't mind being on hold until the customers in store were served, but a customer over the phone should be given the same respect and attention.

thumb Cindy N.

  My air pressure light came on again a couple days after I had filled the tires due to my front right tire being low.  After re-checking, I realized the tire must have a leak.  I drive into Joe's Tires straight from summer camp pick up after a very short search for places nearby– shortly after 4pm.  I expected to have to make an appointment for the next day or later in the week and also assumed I would need to replace the tire.  To my surprise and delight, I was helped right away.  They took the car and said it would probably be about an hour.  15 minutes later they called to say it was a simple fix– a screw had punctured the tire and they plugged the hole and patched it up.  $35 and 15 minutes??  Amazing.  They have my business for our two family cars for life!!  Friendly, fast, fair.

thumb Anjuna L.

  Tesla had failed me and my alignment was severely off resulting in my tire wear being very uneven.

No fear because Joe's Tires fixed it well within the allotted estimate time (just over an hour vs the est. 2 hours). I even had to cut my coffee time short because they were so quick, which, as an added bonus there are tons of shops and restaurants around the area to hang out at while you wait.

thumb Tien N.

  Last night I got a flat tire at 4:45 and my regular tire shop couldn't help me so I called Joe's and I took my car down there immediately. I thought I would have to wait til the next day but they stayed a little late and fixed it with a smile. They are my new favorite tire shop in Berkeley! Thanks Joe's for going to extra mile. Having my car back for the weekend makes a huge difference!

thumb Hillary M.

  So I realized my car had a very flat tire today and called around to see if I could get a same-day fix. Other places said no or were hard to get a hold of but when I called Joe's, they said they could do it and they did! I was so relieved to be able to get it taken care of and Tito and his guys did an amazing job.

Honestly, going to a garage or a place that works on cars as a woman who doesn't know very much about cars is intimidating. This obviously wasn't something I could have put off for later (I would have if I could have ) so in we went. Tito was upfront, honest, and knowledgeable and which made me feel comfortable about the whole process and service. We ended up having to replace two of my tires so Tito explained AND showed me why (which was helpful so I didn't feel like I was getting taken advantage of). AND these new tires even come with a warranty that my previous tires didn't have!

I'd recommend this tire shop to anyone in the area who needs a tire rotation, realignment, or replacement. I'm glad I came here and won't be anxious at all about bringing my car back for my next tire rotation. These guys are great and worth every cent.

Thank you, Tito!

thumb Ally Y.

  Joe's Tire is the place to go if you ever need your tires replaced or any tire services -the business goes out of its way to provide excellent service.

thumb Sheila Z.

  I'll always go to Joe's now.  The other week on a Saturday, I noticed a tire in really bad shape, and I was just a couple blocks from Joe's.  I drove there.  When I saw how busy they were, the line of cars waiting to get in, the busy waiting area, technicians running around all over there place, I did not expect they would be able to take me that day.

They did, no problem – what a place!  They are so professional, knowledgeable, efficient and NICE.  They easily and smoothly handled all us customers.  My technician quickly helped me pick tires, someone gave me a ride home, 2 hours later the same person picked me up and it was all done.  EASY!  

I'm a super-happy customer.  I've been going to America's Tires in Walnut Creek for 20 years, and they are excellent too.   But what convenience to have this kind of customer service, and a ride home, that meant a lot.  From now on, it's Joe's.  I'm so happy I found them.

thumb Sharon S.

  Very friendly, super fast service and a great deal. Carlos was super helpful and made my experience a joy! Highly recommend

thumb Luke R.

  I put off getting my tire looked at, but they were able to get me in for a same day appointment. They were very thorough and took their time to find a hidden nail in my tire. Great service, nice people, clean and comfy waiting area.

thumb Alison P.

  Joe's Tires fixed the nail in my tire. I found the service to be extremely fast and friendly. The repair was also very reasonable.  Highly recommend their services.

thumb Holly A.

  Great service. Honest. Helpful. Friendly. Tito and Carlos know their tires. Would definitely recommend.

thumb Lynne H.

  I brought my car in with a slow leak in one of tires due to a small screw in the center of the tread. My car had also recently developed a slight wobble in the front wheels at highway speeds, that I suspected was due to a slight imbalance in the front wheels.

At the shop the man at the counter told me that I probably needed new front tires, before he even looked at the car. When he did look at the car he said that they could do nothing, as the tread was too badly worn.

I measured my tread depth with my tread gauge and found about 50% tread remaining on the fronts and 38% on the rear. The tire industry guidelines recommend not fixing a puncture if there is less than 20% tread left. Additionally, all my tread had worn evenly across the faces of the tires.

I then went to Don's Tire in Berkeley and they had no problem in fixing the puncture and rebalancing my front wheels, with the result that my car is running smoothly at all speeds.

My next set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for the car will not be bought from this shop.

thumb Jim N.

  Got a flat driving around Berkeley.  Needed a fix or replacement tire.  Got a brand new tire I guess was fine and worked.  But not a good deal.  Nice folks.  Quick and good if you in a pinch around CollegeTown.

thumb Dom C.

  Had a flat tire, and decided it was time for new shoes for my Tesla. It was evening hours, so I bought tires online on Joe's website for next day delivery, and called next morning for installation appointment. They took me in the same day.

Entire experience was professional, courteous and flawless. Had all 4 tires changed and car realigned (which is not straightforward with Tesla) in under 2 hours. They even changed the valve stems and caps for free.

Would (and likely: will) go there again.

thumb Luther S.

  Called in to make an appointment for an wheel alignment and some rude as* hat refused to put me through to make one then hung up on me. I was inquiring to purchase 4 new tires as well. Instantly lost my business. Worst customer service, EVER.

thumb Michael K.