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What do the Belts in my Car do?

Your vehicle is made of many different parts. In fact, a single vehicle can have 30,000 components or more! With so many parts, it’s hard to keep track of what they all do. In order to maintain your vehicle’s performance, your belts are something you should be familiar with.What Car... Read More

Top Performance Upgrades

Let’s talk about automotive performance. This term means a lot of things to a lot of people… from better handling, more speed, more off-road or track capability or even better fuel economy. For the purposes of this list, performance means one thing; getting where you are going sooner. Consider the... Read More

Give Your Family the Gift of Safety – New Tires

We are the land of the man (or woman) who has everything. We have electric dog nail trimmers, vacuums that work without your help and phones with more computing power than a fleet of space shuttles. With all this great and not so great stuff, it’s getting harder and harder... Read More

Car Maintenance Items you Should Always Leave to the Professionals

It used to be as common as falling leaves in autumn for people to work on their own cars. And while this red-blooded American pastime has not completely disappeared from our world, the expense and complexity of newer cars make some repairs best left to the professionals. Here is a... Read More

Holiday Travel Tips

Few things typify the holidays like hitting the road to share the magic of the season with family and friends. But with the road choked with other drivers, winter weather hazards, and long empty stretches of sleepy asphalt, a holiday road trip can quickly turn ugly. Keep the joy meter... Read More